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Project mission

The objective of the GreenNets project is to tackle the energy consumption challenge for cellular radio networks and enable the introduction on the market of advanced tools and software platforms to assist operators in enhancing energy efficiency of their current and future network deployments.

This is to be done by developing sophisticated methods and tools in four directions:

  1. For analyzing the energy efficiency in existing deployments;
  2. For finding measures to improve the efficiency;
  3. For implementing those measures in dedicated software platforms; and
  4. For establishing the ability to migrate to more energy efficient radio network deployments in face of sharply rising mobile network traffic.

In order to extend and complement the platforms, tools and methodologies already in the possession of the three driving high-tech SMEs, focused R&D activities are provided by top-notch RTD performers.

Did you know that

Consumed energy is an important part of Mobile Networks Operators costs. Energy is 1.0% - 2.7% of the total MNO’s costs.


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