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Plenary Meeting in Vilnius, July 2012

This time our plenary meeting took place  in the premises of  BENCO on the 10-11th of July. Following the status from the previous meeting, detailed development plans for all the GreenNets products have been presented and discussed. Also, RTDs partners presented initial results of their work on the GreenNets algorithms. Prediction techniques for the energy efficiency optimizer as well as advanced KPI analysis methods for energy efficiency monitor have been presented. Furthermore, network energy consumption models have been elaborated.

Next months will witness implementation of first optimization engines in the NGPS and RANOOK platforms, whereby developed algorithms are translated into computationally robust code. The  next plenary meeting  will be organised by the University of Wroclaw in October 2012.


Did you know that

Consumed energy is an important part of Mobile Networks Operators costs. Energy is 1.0% - 2.7% of the total MNO’s costs.


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