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Plenary Meeting in Braunschweig, April 2012

After the beginning stage of analysis of mobile network energy consumption and potential energy saving solutions, the GreenNets project started the second phase, where focus is placed on the solutions development.

This time our plenary meeting took place  in the premises of  the Institute for Communications Technology (IfN) of TU Braunschweigon the 25-26th of April.

Following the status from the previous meeting, the SMEs partners elaborated further on the envisaged products and services to  be developed within the project.

This time, RTDs partners presented initial results of their works on the GreenNets product development. Load intensity maps for the GreenNets scenarios were presented that illustrated load fluctuations within different land classes areas and also variations over time.

Together with the mathematical framework for statistical network performance data analysis (also presented during the meeting)  these methods will allow to find  inefficiently operating network areas and will form part of the core of the future GreenNets product for mobile network optimisation focused on enhancing energy efficiency. One of the main outcomes of this meeting was internal works reorganisation from task oriented to product/solution oriented.

The  next plenary meeting  will be organised by BENCO in Vilnius in July 2012.


Did you know that

Consumed energy is an important part of Mobile Networks Operators costs. Energy is 1.0% - 2.7% of the total MNO’s costs.


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